just some junk that flows through my head

>>> 00000016

god I wish kevin shields would turn my head into sound

>>> 00000015

I wish I could rma myself

>>> 00000014

smack my switch up

>>> 00000013

a freshly squashed slime

>>> 00000012

what a failure

>>> 00000011

shopping for clothes sucks

>>> 00000010

Play a rhythm game; cause permanent physical damange; find new rhythm game that uses an undamaged part

>>> 00000009

Opening and closing the same tab over and over again is exhilerating!

>>> 00000008

black hole brain

>>> 00000007

There is no going back I can't stop feeling now

>>> 00000006

Sometimes I wish I could just take this headset off and lie on the floor for a few hours

>>> 00000005

Just waiting for my ride, nothing to look at here

>>> 00000004

If this and yes

>>> 00000003

Looks like I can't get fonts to work right

>>> 00000002

When does the data rain end?

>>> 00000001

Drifting away into cyberspace...